Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pushing Form

This week has definitely opened a lot of doors in consideration to my area of type experimentation, the critique held on Monday was very beneficial in that respect. The format of the crit was very effective as it was nice to be able to have comments in writing that you can keep with you, although some comments were great, others were not. But on the positive side, based on comments, I have a list of new paths to take for my experimentation, whether they will be successful or not no one knows but I am definitely going to find out.

I also created a banner for Designalogue, one using an alphabet exploration from Monday and one I took on more recently. Below is that exploration as well, it is a play off the first one, which I felt was pretty successful but decided to push it even more. Enjoy!

The shape forms in the red boxes are what I used for my most recent exploration. After analyzing this alphabet I decided that the two elements in red were most prevalent and decided make a big push of legibility and define the entire alphabet from these two elements. 
Just a look with the referential typeface behind it, give a good insight as to how things are beginning to come together.
And here is a look with only the forms showing, in doing so I decided to not limit the number or scale of each shape I used to create each letterform.

What does it say? Tried putting it in context, it is somewhat readable, could be pushed more in some cases and in others a bit more defined. Successful? "good design"

Designalogue Banners



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  1. One of your banners is more readable than the other and that takes some of the intrigue away but that last one is freakin awesome! And I love the poster style piece you did towards the end too. Thumbs up from me!