Monday, February 22, 2010

Shade Part 1

This round I took a word 'shade', reversed it out on black and visualized the negative space. Then over three slides I gradually took away more and more of the negative space until I couldn't read the word anymore. At that point I went back to the previous one and used that as my final.

Looks kinda interesting, especially white on black, there is a nice fusion of type and image to give more definition to the word.

Turning that negative space into abstract shapes using multiples of a cube.

An alphabet built around News Gothic.

An alphabet built around Karmina.

A word, extruded.

1 comment:

  1. oh snap! these look awesome, tom. i really want to read that last word, but can't quite do it. i can make out the S and E on the ends. i just squinted and i think it's "shape"? no, "shade". finally got it.

    oh, duh. it's the same word as the pink one above. oh well, i'm obviously not a genius all of the time.

    i believe i have a cd with fontlab on it if you want to borrow a copy temporarily to try and make this a face. it is owned by our dept. let me know wednesday and i'll get it for you.